About US

Our company is South East Foods Ltd. We specialise in developing and manufacturing innovative, healthy and scientifically proven products for the modern market.

We also coordinate imports of quality health foods such as sesame oils, honeys and spices from Europe, Australasia and America. We ensure you have access to not only our best products, the also the world's best, under our approval.

We have had over 40 years of experience in the industry, and the quality of our products reflect this. Our head office is situated in Hong Kong, however, we currently have operations in Australia, America and China. We are a fast growing company.

Our dedicated team of staff are the best in their fields. We have employed doctors, nutritionists, chemical analysts and engineers on our development team. Our products are constantly appraised by independent nutritionists and health consultants.

Our highly qualified team will carefully analyse the health benefits of each ingredient, and their effect on taste, before including it.

Because of our stringent policies, our products are of the highest quality, offering a high health value without sacrificing taste.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our valuable customers with products that both taste good, and have high health value.

With our vision in mind, our dedicated development team continues to produce innovative condiments which not only taste wonderful, but provide many of the body's nutrient requirements.

We have been successful in achieving this, and will continue to do so in the future as we continue developing more high quality health foods.